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It is our goal to debate issues, present alternative viewpoints, surprise, teach and generally stir the pot of the athletic and GLBT world. Expect us to make you think — there is precious little of that happening these days — and introduce you to new ideas. We expect you to comment, cajole, needle and snip at us as needed — expect us to snip back, also as needed. That is the beauty of healthy debate.

Also, expect us to call you out if your comments are too inflammatory. This is not a forum for preaching, but for fresh thinking. Stretch yourself and your thoughts . . . we dare you. Do you have a radical opinion (or one we’ve heard a thousand times)? Reframe, reword or redraw your thoughts. Perhaps we’ll even find common ground.

The GForce BlogTeam consists of athletes (and one athlete wannabe) who want to express their experiences, opinions and varied viewpoints about being gay or lesbian and participating — either on the field or as spectators — in their sport of choice. Our bloggers represent a wide cross section of athletic disciplines and their lives have diverged to cover a broad spectrum of careers and vocations.

Below is an alphabetical list of biographies for each blogger. Occasionally we will also have guest posts to the Gforce blog as well so watch for them.

Erin Mays
A suburban transplant living on Chicago's north side, Erin is on a quest to learn how to traverse the city with nothing more than her cobbled-together Masi Speciale CX and a CTA card. She's ridden her bike farther than is probably sane as a co-captain of Ride for AIDS Chicago's Team Cheetah, graced the halls of more than one emergency room in her time as a hockey player and stood by the Michigan Wolverines long enough to see them finally ranked again. The ride hasn't been all glamorous, of course — she spent her early high school years accumulating enough splinters to build a small campfire while riding the bench as a second-string soccer goalie, and she lasted just three months on Michigan's rugby team before deciding black and blue weren't really her colors. When she's not on her bike, Erin is hanging with her dog, pretending to play bass guitar in her friend's band and running the B2B public relations and social media program for a Chicago-based media company.

Chris Rollins
Chris has been an avid golfer all his life. He attended the International Junior Golf Academy in Hilton Head and went on to play NCAA Division One golf at Davidson College in North Carolina for four years. He is a passionate people person who looks forward to contributing his thoughts to the LGBT sports dialogue. Chris recently joined an Atlanta public relations firm as a sales associate.

Lyndsey Seewald
Lyndsey began her sports career playing volleyball, basketball and softball as well as running track. Her passion aimed her to basketball and she excelled at the sport through high school and four years of collegiate ball at Carroll University in Wisconsin. She became the twelfth 1,000 career point player in Carroll women’s basketball history and was named the 2011 Midwest Conference Player of the Year. Current, Lyndsey attends the University of Denver where she pursues her Master’s Degree in Sport and Performance Psychology.

Michael Smith
Mike (the wannabe) discovered GForce while researching characters for a screenplay and currently directs GForce’s Athlete Buddy System — see hot line and link below. A Red Wing and MSU Spartan fan (to balance Erin’s Michigan Wolverine-ism), Mike saw a need for an extra pair of hands in the GForce organization and wanted to give back to the athletes who have shared their stories for his writing projects. Mike is currently finishing his first screenplay — a coming-out story about a gay player in the NHL — and is working on his second screenplay and on a pilot for a sit-com with fingers crossed that someone, someday will consider them for the silver screen.